PCP and Psychcare

PCP and Psychcare offer a medical integration program that is available to all members.  This program is called Encompass.  The focus of Encompass is to treat all aspects for the members who require coordination of care between the medical and behavioral specialists.  Referrals to the program may be made by the member, the provider, or by the member's care-giver.

Encompass offers care coordination, intensive case management, and several primary and secondary preventive behavioral healthcare programs.  These programs include: 

These programs may be found on psychcare.com by members, medical providers, and Psychcare network practitioners.  These educational, website articles may be printed to assist and educate the member and/or provider in recognizing the illness, managing the symptoms of the disorder, how to prevent relapse, and various treatment options and community resources.   You may also call Psychcare at:

1-800-221-5487 or 786-837-7500  

for more information.